the spyngaFlow



Designed for the body & soul. Find your speed, strength, and endurance with plenty of sweat and good tunes on the bike (30 minutes) then move to the mat and tap into your breath for a Vinyasa flow (30 minutes), rounding out the best hour or your day.



Maintaining the best of a Spyngaflow, this class extends your mat time by 15 minutes, adding more standing postures, twists, backbends, and seated postures to the Vinyasa flow, you’ll love every extra minute of it. 



The all encompassing journey trains the mind, breath, muscles, and joints to enhance equilibrium and agility. Experience our signature class of cycling and yoga in tandem! Spend 45 minutes on an intense and powerful bike ride to enliven the heart. Move to the mat for a 45 minute challenging practice of Yoga which will move you beyond the muscles, targeting the dense connective tissues of the lower spine, hips, pelvis and hamstrings. This practice will benefit everyone, especially those with active lives (cyclists, runners, Vinyasa/Ashtanga Yoga practitioners).



Things naturally occur in balance. Spynga Yin helps you tap into your Yang on the bike (30 minutes) and discover everything positive, bright & challenging as you move to Yin Yoga (45 minutes), where you will explore deeper postures on the floor with comfortable props for support.  Time will fly, leaving you… 


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